Kindergarten Program

At St. Helena's Catholic Primary school we have created a Kindergarten programme that recognises all children as strong, competent and unique individuals. We are dedicated toward creating a warm, welcoming environment that provides our children with varied, relevant and challenging learning opportunities, allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential in all areas of human development (spiritual, emotional, physical, social, creative and intellectual).

We recognise and value the uniquely individualised experiences children will have gained prior to school and strongly believe that their Kindergarten year must promote continuity between all children's learning and the knowledge they have gained prior to encountering the school environment. Optimal and transferable learning occurs through contexts that are meaningful for students. Our programmes give every child multiple opportunities to learn through consistent exposure to new but relatable experiences and include both direct teaching strategies and open-ended, child centred, play-based practices.

Our programmes reflect the Early Childhood philosophy that recognises every child develops at a different rate and in their own unique way. We recognise parents as first educators of their children and foster strong school-home communication links and a working partnership with parents. We strongly encourage parents to actively form working partnerships with their child's educators.

St. Helena's kindergarten programme is directly guided by the five outcomes as stated in the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, Being and Becoming (2009). This document clearly states that a child's learning and development happens in three phases of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

A sense of belonging is central to all human development. In Kindergarten we provide learning experiences that allow each child to know who they are in context of their family, their classroom, their neighbourhood and community. We recognise the importance of every child experiencing a sense of inclusion and having their diversities recognised and valued.

All children need time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world around them. The present is very significant for young children. At St. Helena's, we create a safe and supportive environment which allows students the time to know themselves, build and maintain friendships with others, to enjoy life and to grow and learn in an age appropriate way.

Children's identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood. A Child is continually being shaped and influenced by the world around them. Becoming reflects this process of rapid and significant change that happens in the Early Years.

Kindergarten Program

Children grow and change, sometimes on a daily basis, but some things remain constant in our Early Years Program. Our educators are committed to the care of your child and to the curriculum they teach. If your child attends St Helena's Catholic Primary School then you are part of our school community and we aim to not only partner with you in educating your children, we hope to get to know them as well as you do, and to help them discover and reach their full potential.

The curriculum in our two kindergarten classes recognises that children are competent and resourceful learners. The curriculum aims to extend the learning in a program which engages curiosity and questioning and encourages exploration and purposeful play. Highly trained early years educators assess, plan and promote children's learning in a play-based setting. Kindergarten students benefit from specialist music and physical education programs as well as access in-class to computer assisted learning.

Kindergarten Sessions are as follows:

Semester 1  -  Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Semester 2  -  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Download the St Helena's Kindergarten Guiding Timeline (PDF)
Download the St Helena's Kindergarten Learning Outcomes and Achievement Goals (PDF)

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