Principal's Welcome

2016 Lina BertoliniLina Bertolini, Principal

Thank you for visiting St Helena's Catholic Primary School's website. Enjoy a glimpse of the unique and dynamic education we offer in Ellenbrook.

St Helena's is a community that places Jesus Christ at its centre.  We strive to live like Jesus.  Our school motto - "Something Beautiful for God" is a reminder for the school community of its Catholic, Christian identity and of the lives we are called to lead.  Together staff, families, students, priests and the parish community work to make St Helena's a place where all are welcomed and where each individual can realise their fullest potential.

Your child is an individual with unique needs, interests and characteristics.  We are committed to supporting and nurturing your child to develop as an individual and as a member of our school and wider community.  We regard each child as a precious gift, filled with the life and love of God.

Our staff at St Helena's has a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the primary school curriculum and a deep understanding of how students learn.  We know our students well:  their individual interests, backgrounds, motivations and learning styles.  We are committed to providing a faith-filled community in which a safe, positive and creative learning environment is nurtured and sustained.  While we are dedicated to academic excellence and vitality, we promise so much more; a balanced educational experience for body, mind, heart and spirit.  We teach our students the importance of caring for each other, for all humanity, and for the natural world.

I warmly encourage you to get to know that heart of this remarkable community.  Come and visit us and experience St Helena's for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you.


Lina Bertolini

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