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As a school community, St Helena’s is delighted to be a part of the new IGA Mind, Body & Heart Schools Breakfast Program.  This multi-faceted program brings to our school a well-rounded program that positively engages our students and aligns with our efforts to nurture the development of the whole child.

Breakfast Club – As part of the program, all of our students have the opportunity to come together in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere to enjoy a nourishing and sustaining start to the day at our ‘Breakfast Club’.  The Breakfast Club is co-ordinated by a small group of parent volunteers who serve breakfast each Wednesday and Friday morning between 7.45am and 8.15am. 

Rainbow Recess – Another facet of the IGA Mind, Body & Heart Schools Breakfast Program is ‘Rainbow Recess’.   One day each week, the children are invited to bring an extra piece of fruit or a vegetable to school for their morning tea. Each week, they receive a ‘Seedlings Collector Card’ for choosing to eat a healthy snack.

Seedlings Kids – The Seedlings Program targets children 7-11 years of age. It has been designed to cultivate a positive school community where children grow with good character and care for their peers, family and the wider community.

All children are encouraged to support one another and apply values such as respect, empathy, gratitude, confidence and self-discipline.  Children are also taught strategies they can apply in all areas of their life to assist them in leading healthy, happy lives and provide them with the ability to cope with setbacks that may come their way.

We acknowledge the generous support of our program partners, Make a Difference WA, IGA and The Good Guys (Clarkson).

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