Student Voice & Student Leadership

Student Voice

Student Voice is the ability of students to influence learning. Leadership is about community, noticing the needs of others, clear and respectful communication and a deep regard for the differing needs of individuals. In summary, it is about being a person for others and being the person Jesus wants us to be.

Asking for student opinions, and listening to student voices, reminds teachers that students possess unique knowledge and perspectives about their schools and their learning which adults cannot replicate. They also suggest that school improvement is positively impacted upon by listening to student experiences, particularly the experiences of those who are alienated and struggling (Mitra & Frick, 2004).Work is currently being undertaken to develop processes and procedures that would allow the school to respond in a meaningful way to student voice and through such a response improvement student learning.

Student Leadership

There are other opportunities presented to the students throughout their years at St Helena's to develop their leadership skills. We have an active Student Representative Council comprised of students from Years Four-Six. These students are the 'voice' of the student body.At St Helena's, all Year Six students are considered leaders. All senior students are expected to strive for the following:

To be a personal example of the goals of St Helena's Catholic Primary School

  • To show initiative
  • Display good organisational skills
  • Demonstrate responsibility
  • A strength of character in their ability to live within the school rules
  • A strong self-respect
  • An inspiration for others by example
  • A person who has good support from his/her own year group

Leadership is an intangible quality that allows students to grow. The goals of the St Helena's Leadership Program are to:

  • Understand and create a personal model of good leadership
  • Embrace a greater self-awareness and understanding of leadership
  • Believe and understand that leadership can be learnt by anyone
  • Actively seek leadership opportunities
  • Learn and practise the skills required of effective leaders
  • Inspire students to use leadership roles in serving the school and community
  • See the importance of leadership in the school and broader society
  • Foster collaborative leadership practice
  • Academic attitude and approach
  • Co-curricular involvement
  • Faction and School events

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Student Absentees

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